How to Reset Any Wireless Router: Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Do you own a wireless router at home like me? In here, I will show you how you can reset any wireless router. Resetting is one of the simplest solutions you can do in case you are having a problem with your internet connection, or you have forgotten your password. So, keep on reading and learn this basic router troubleshooting by following the steps below.

In this modern world, the use of wireless routers for network solutions has drastically increased. Actually, it is now very rare to find a wired router especially for home use. But even if wireless router is much better than the wired ones, there is no guarantee that you always have a good internet connection. And you cannot avoid some router issues that need a basic troubleshooting.

Some of the issues we might face with wireless routers are our capability to do misconfiguration on it, like changing login credentials. Or sometimes, our internet connection crashes and what we do is to wait for it to comes back. But there are two ways on fixing these kinds of router issues. The first one is rebooting and the second is resetting.

In this article, we will focus more on the second way to fix your router. So, make reading a habit and learn from this tutorial and guide as we discuss the steps on how to reset your wireless routers. Also included here are the differences between rebooting and resetting process.

How To Reset Any Wireless Router

When you reset any wireless router, there are changes that will happen. It will go back to its factory or default settings. Those changes include:

  • Router’s name and password.
  • Admin panel login credentials.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 address details from your ISP.
  • Username and Password of ISP.
  • Any limitations and bandwidth allocation you set for your users.
  • Firewall settings.

We can understand in above points that resetting a router is a serious deal and shall be performed only if nothing else helps. If you still want to reset your wireless router then follow the below process.

Step 1. Do not unplug your router. Find the reset button which is usually located at the back of the wireless router (some routers have pinhole instead of an external button, so you need a pin in order to press that button).

Wireless router reset button

Step 2. With the use of a pin, press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds.

Step 3. Generally, you need to wait for the lights on the wireless router to change. It might blink or become steady depending on the manufacturing configuration of our router.

Step 4. Now, release the button and wait for the router to come in the ideal state, the router should reset to the factory settings now.

As the router has been successfully reset, you need to connect to the router with the default password. Now, open a web browser and enter the default internal IP Address of the router. Login to the admin panel with default username and password and enter the details provided by your ISP.

Is there a need to reset a wireless router? Actually, resetting is a case-to-case basis. If ever your internet goes on and off, you may try other method – that is to reboot. And if rebooting does not work, then, that’s the only time to do resetting.

If you wanna try rebooting, you can do it with three steps.

How To Reboot Any Wireless Router

Step 1. Switch off and then on the power supply or simply plug out the power adapter cable and plug it back again. Internet connection will go down in the process so you might want to let the active users know about it.

Step 2. Wait for approx 20 seconds to a minute to let the wireless router boot again.

Step 3. After a minute, plug in your router’s power cord and wait for it to become steady. Your internet should work fine now.

Difference Between Rebooting and Resetting

Some people may confuse between rebooting and resetting a wireless router. Rebooting is done to recycle the startup process of a wireless router whereas resetting is done to restore the router to its factory settings.

Rebooting the router works well in the general cases like; when you are not able to connect to the router or when the router is misbehaving. You don’t actually need to reset any wireless router in most of the cases, so try to figure out first if your router needs a reboot before resetting.

In Conclusion

Since resetting a router results in losing all the settings you have made to your router – it is not advisable in most of the time cases. You might want to try rebooting your router before directly resetting it.

We have given a universal process to reset any wireless router, by following the above process you should be able to reset any router. However, you can comment below if you fail to reset your router even after following the above process carefully.

Have some doubts? Stuck somewhere? Drop them in the comment box below.